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Church Benefits

What are the advantages of Electronic Giving?

• normalizes offertory
• alleviates administrative costs
• increases offertory to your parish by 25%

Church Benefits

Why should our Church select Parish Giving?

• easy set-up
• 98% average remittance to the parish
• administrative back-end for the parish itself
• fully PCI compliant
• integrates with popular financial software
• promotional materials and on going action plan provided
• religious education, school tuition options and pledge campaigns
• direct pay links
• weekly reports sent to parish

Parishioner Benefits

What are the benefits for our Parishioners?

• convenient and easy
• choice of credit card or bank transfer
• ability to choose date and frequency of contribution
• ability to make 1-time donations/payments

Online Forms

What are the benefits of using our Online Forms?

• Streamline your registration and payment process
• Your parishioners have the ability to register & pay at their convenience
• Have the ability to filter/report on data from the online form submission
• Unlimited customized forms at no extra cost to the parish/school
• You can view a demo of our forms here:

Please note: These are links for demonstration purposes only.
Religious Education Demo / Golf Tournament Demo / Vacation Bible School Demo / Holiday Event Demo

Parish Giving is a safe, secure and easy way to make
on-line Parish and Church Related donations and payments.

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